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Hello And Welcome -

This is Henri Bourquin giving you a small introduction to this branch of the "Bourquin" family tree that I am a part of. On this site, I am presenting a copy of our "Family Tree" that I have been personally able to assemble with the help of many relatives. If you see any errors or omissions I would be grateful for your help in correcting them.

I have led a very interesting life, and still am, with a lot of moving from place to place. I was in the construction field prior to retirement and was for many years a superintendent on many large, commercial and industrial projects in all four provinces from Ontario west.

I left my hometown of Estevan, Saskatchewan, at the age of 19, going east to Windsor, Ontario, to find better paying employment. I had plans for an early marriage to a wonderful girl I had met at the age of 14. We were married in Windsor at the age of 20 and Esther (Nee Bassingthwaighte) 19 years of age. We had a wonderful 56 years of marriage together before poor health took my sweetheart from me in 1997.

We were blessed with three beautiful daughters, who live well-rounded and busy lives, six grandchildren, also very busy with their careers, and now three great grandchildren.

The good Lord has been very kind to me, giving me good health. A later-in-life accident did leave me with a few sores and disabilities but that is in the past. Now, in the year 2012 and at the age of 90 soon to be 91 years young, my motto still holds "Never look back - You can't go far looking in a rear view mirror"

I hope you enjoy the stories and pictures that I am writing for this site. My oldest daughter, Avril, is assisting me in setting up this site and articles.

Your comments and corrections will be much appreciated.

Henri Jean Bourquin Contact me

The Bourquin Family Tree
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Page #1 Jacques Bourquin Descendants
Page #2 Louis Emile Bourquin Descendants
Page #3 Helene Lucy Bourquin Descendants
Page #4 John Bourquin Descendants
Page #5 George Bourquin Descendants
Page #6 Paul Henry Bourquin Descendants
Page #7 Emile Bourquin Descendants
Page #8 Louis Pierre Bourquin Descendants
Page #9 Paul Leon Bourquin Descendants
Page #10 Lucy Bourquin (Smith) Descendants
Dear Family: if you have any corrections, additions,family pictures or such that you would like to add to this area of Dad's web, Please send them via mail or e-mail to me.
Thank you, Avril Bourquin
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I hope you enjoy the following pages on my web site

My 86th Birthday - July 05, 2007.
Here I am with my daughters Avril and Myrna
My Life Story:
Read all about my early beginnings and the interesting life I hav led so far. The story is far from completed!
My Dad's Story:
From Dad's birth on November 22, 1894 in the town of Valentigney, France to his final days in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

Henry's Pride and Joy Page:
These are, of course, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

 Henri's Page of  
"Points to Ponder!": Over the years I have compiled a list of “quotes”, and sayings, some are good enough to stop and ponder over. Here are a few of my favorites.

My Personal Interests:

Family Interest and Contact Page: Please come in to this page and enter your personal contact information if you wish others in the Bourquin Family to make contact with you.
Henri's Links: A page full of fun and enjoyable links gathered by daughter, Avril


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Photos of Interest
1. Bourquin get together (1920s) (Photo1)
2. Bourquin Family get together in Hawaii 1987 (Photo2)
3. Lucy' s 100th birthday (Photo3)
4. Salvation Army Camp Sunrise Days "Caution: this is a large photo file and will be slow loading (Photo4)
5. The Bourquin Family Reunion 1986 (Photo5)
6. July 02, 2005 Estevan Tornado as seen by Tara and Tim Katsantonis (Photo and story)

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Contact Information for Henry Bourquin
E-mail address:
Web address:
Home phone: 204-222-3573
Home address:
130 Laurentia Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2C 0H1
V0A 1K0

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Myrna's Zone

Myrna          Tannis         John          Cam

Myrna, my eldest daughter, and her husband Cam are still living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their daughter, Tannis also lives in Winnipeg with her partner Shane. Their son John and wife, Carrie and kids now live in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

I have resided with Myrna and Cam for the last three years. Due to age and a few medical issues, it became evident that living in Winnipeg was a wiser decision than living rurally British Columbia. Myrna and Cam have welcomed me and treated me so well that I feel blessed by being with them.

Myrna's Email:

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Judy's Zone

Judy Hagen#000066
Heriot Bay

Judy Hagen has demonstrated an outstanding volunteer spirit and commitment to her community of Quadra Island and the north coast of Vancouver Island. Judy is emergency social services director and supporter of the Speed Watch program, the Quadra Island Volunteer Fire Department, the Quadra Island Tourist Information Centre for the Old Age Pensioners and the Chamber of Commerce, and also presents dog safety programs in local schools and around the community.

Judy Hagen
Heriot Bay

BC Community Achievment Awards 2011


Judy Hagen, my middle daughter is married to Kurt Hagen and resides on Quadra Island off our beautiful British Columbia shores.

Judy continues to do many volunteer community positions from dog therapy to assisting with church and many, many other local groups.

To the left, is one of her most rececnt recognition awards for all the community service she does.














Judy's Ema

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Avril's Zone

Avril (youngest daughter); and her husband, Val, continue to live in Invermere; but, they have moved into the ton itself now. Adjusting slowly to this new life style.

Avril has her own private web site and she has all the adventures of their pet Blonide as she grows up (see Blondie's Blog).
Come and visit her at:


  • Avril teaches Molluscan education to students and educators alike through her web site Man and Mollusc. She also works as sort of a bridge or go-between for the public and and those "in the Know- todays Conchologists & Malacolgists.

    Please drop by my Man and Molluscs Educational Sites at
    or visit the new Directory I am building with my British advisor at:

  • Come visit me at my new personal site:

  • Or Email me personally at

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